A beautiful Cookies, I can’t tell you that. Similar recipes again on my blog: “Chocolate chip BISCUITS” , “cookies oatmeal and chocolate chip”, “chocolate and PECAN KUKI” , “chocolate chip cookies, and starchy”, named “Chocolate chip cookies” can be found by clicking on the link titled. All the names are different consistency and tastes similar to each other. Some were soft, some kiyir kiyir, some cocoa, etc.
Read on for the recipe of the Cookies in the photo up.
*125 g butter at room temperature ( margarine may also be used)
* ½ cup oil
*1su cup powdered sugar
*baking powder.
*2.5-3 cups flour
*1 cup chocolate drops.
1.All ingredients, mixing well to combine.
2.10-take the pieces and leave on for 15 minutes and place in the tray of ice cream with a spoon at intervals. ( they will spread during baking for intermittent need to put. )
3.180 degree pre-heated oven fry cook too much.
4. Upon cooling you can store in a sealed jar thoroughly.
Bon Appetit.


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