I wanted to give this a recipe of the day.Always on top dessert recipe I have published.We liked this cake so much tonight and so pr…

I wanted to give this a recipe of the day.Always on top dessert recipe I have published.We liked this cake so much that it came tonight and wanted to share just so practical.Dr. Oetker water at the grocery store the other day – I wanted to try when I saw the dough package Inserts.I guess I realized a new product or new.On that day I made the cake according to the tariff adds.Without pictures is done.While studying at the University this evening in a pastry shop near the school also sold honey cakes reminds me of hard I’m waiting for his lunch and dinner.I did, and I was more than pleased with the US result.I suggest to try in terms of practicality.

This time, I made profiteroles balls according to directions on the package.


For the ganache balls:

*1 package Dr. Oetker Water – dough Adds

*2 eggs

*25 ml.(2-3 tablespoons) milk

*50 ml.(4-5 tablespoons) vegetable oil

*50 ml.(4-5 tablespoons) water

Internal cream:

*2,5 cups milk

*2 egg yolks

*1 cup granulated sugar

*15 grams of butter

*1 vanilla

*2 full tablespoons of flour

*1 full tablespoon cornstarch

*1 package powdered whipped cream

On top:

*2 teaspoons granulated sugar

*1 tablespoon honey

*3 tablespoons water

*Candied cherries


1)ready the flour into a mixing bowl we’re dumping it on eggs,milk,water and oil add.The ends of the beater of the mixer first with low,then at high RPM are unbeaten for 3 minutes.

2)on a baking sheet with baking paper and rolling out to warm up the oven beforehand to 200 degrees we’re opening.Take half a teaspoon with another spoon full of the mixture into clusters and 3 Remove,we put them on wax paper.For each group, also a single ball, we’re doing it.

3)pre-hear the oven at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes or until golden brown on we) we do cook.Tender, remove it from the oven and cooling we are.

4)internal oil cream,and whipped all the ingredients except the vanilla,we’re cooking up custard, stirring constantly.We’re taking from the stove and add the oil and vanilla.Dec We are stirring well as cooling.We’re whipping it with a mixer and add the cool site.

5)cut transversely threesome balls up and we are cooling the cream filling.Fill the cream into threesome balls single balls and we put them on top of.We’re placing fudge with a cherry on top.

6)over,honey,water and sugar in a small pan and we’re melting.Pour over cake and spoon we’re just waiting for it to freeze.(This step I did it in the tray to take a picture,they started a little hard, while sticking to a serving plate.So if like me you pour honey on a platter if you need to, so without further ado, get a serving dish)

Bon Appetit:)

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