Home-Made (Machine) Bread Making… #recipes

Day after day, I think I’m getting more used to live here, but it doesn’t relieve my craving and my country with the man I love, get used to it. But all I found, or what I did with the familiar flavors a little bit, feels like home. One of my biggest worries before I came here was not being able to find the foods I’m looking for. The first day I can’t see a way of Colt and “oh, woe!” with a cool head now that I’ve finds things now than I became. Will be looking for a person that is interested in cooking, especially cake and like me some of the things, for example:

Couverture chocolate
Powdered sugar(I found today)
Brown sugar
Maya (absolutely no age)
Mascarpone cheese (cheese instead of to use)
Tomato paste
Has nothing to do with food, but even today I found sugar.

But taken out of the oven crispy on Turkey outside and it smells like like smells good, unfortunately I don’t have Turkish bread fluffy on the inside. No matter what kind of bread I have ever tried, I didn’t find the taste of my bread a month for one meal. Before coming to Turkey I bought a bread machine to try and buy, but I’ve had it for about 3 more weeks to be reunited with my stuff. Therefore I decided to make my bread myself. I made a few attempts in my own head before, but never like I wanted the taste and the crust wasn’t. Then Ruki came to my mind. (The recipe is “Turkish BREAD” when you call him that as a professional I would definitely if needed in the chaotic tariff pages top to bottom. He was there with you I want the name of the recipe, but unfortunately they said it’d take 3 days to the construction. Me though by saying that if it’s not because I don’t have much patience I threw the arms. In the picture you can see the result of course. The smell that emanates from the oven, it difficult I have been patient, but I got the results of my labor. This bread is the same wood-burning oven filled with baked, crispy crust, pure and sincere there was no bread. Maybe you can spare some time and make this sweet bread when you are in trouble, like me.

Apayrintili Ruki told definitely recommend that you read it, but want to repeat myself here making steps. Because I used half of his full measure. You can get 2 regular size bread the following recipe.

2,5 heaping teaspoons instant yeast
Delete 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1.5 cups warm water (not hot)
3-4 cups flour
Deleting 2 teaspoons salt


Deep non-metal bowl combine flour, salt, sugar and instant yeast in placed and thoroughly mixed. Warm water is added and the mixture are kneaded thoroughly. By adding a little flour if it continues to cling to the hand will recover, but is made in a bowl. It is closed with a cloth, and leave in a warm place for about 30-40 minutes until double the bubbles is kept. The surging dough, in the bowl it will pick up less counter sprinkled with flour are kneaded again. During the kneading process by hand and published in the form of gasses that accumulate in a circle. Are kneaded again. 1-2 more times this process is done after the dough on the floured counter top and split into two parts given shape, and clean them off with a cloth and wait 10 minutes.

Each time at the end of pulp, and knead again on the floured counter less a circle shape by pressing down with your hands to give. Each apartment has a roll curl inward from the edge, as this makes it possible, on the one hand with your palm, press down. (Here she told Ruki gorgeous: Az hand lightly floured bench to remove the gas by editing each – the palm bread, make a circle with an oval shape and tight;a little thick in Cyprus start from the top and curl the palm of your hand and squeeze the pulp with every right/almost sealed motion-unless it is broken, mid-fat,oval bread you will get.(Or bulustursun the circle shaped dough in the middle of the sides; roll the dough again in the same manner starting from the top downward and compressing the manually-obtained an oval shape is so different and fat.)The finished bread should be a long oval shape.)

Each is issued after the dough an oval shape, are placed side by side on a floured tray, very little sifted flour on them. Bread in a warm place until it is twice as surging is expected. (It took half an hour long, as shown in the picture put a chair next to the radiator and put it on the bread.)

Meanwhile, the oven heated to 220 degrees, the bottom of the oven to a heat-resistant bowl or in a cup is placed. Surging on the bread sharp-pointed knife in three places as are drawn with the bias, or across a single cut is made. 1 cup boiling water is poured in ice or rough 6-7 in the oven, the bread is in the oven. The top and sides until brown and thoroughly cooked. (My bread in a period of about 35 minutes track) pants to understand their solid sound when struck lightly, that it’s cooked as well stated that Ruki should be taken.)

Note: If your bread came out of the oven when the outer shells, it will be hard, then don’t worry they’ll be back to normal.

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