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Start building your dream holiday is there? Or, like me, Are you one of those who never get out of your mind? As summer approached, my mind falls on the edge of the sea, but, no, it’s not for my dream of this cake, who need to know much more than me on a vacation was for a very dear friend Ludmila. 34 stepped itself last Saturday. I know the age of the women that you see but you don’t say the age of beauty you won’t believe. I wanted to make a surprise for a dear friend and we celebrated with an evening drinks on New Years. Here once more congratulate him, Happy Birthday my dear friend, and there’s a good thing in my life… in the meantime, I can’t write, Luda, when I saw the cake I was very happy with himself and his wife returned to ‘I’m not like that, but I imagine it this way, after that,’ he said ;)))))))

Took the usual sponge cake cake. I had to interrupt three times. Dr. Oetker pastry filled with vanilla cream and the fresh strawberries. By adding yellow and blue food coloring in shades of light turquoise that I made I covered with a sugar dough. Like yellow woman figure in white sugar by adding red food coloring paste in the color of the skin, and very few, I got it. The remaining dough to yellow and I made orange by adding red food coloring turned bikini and pareo. I’ve kneaded my dough by hand in various colors other white, and the figures were prepared.(Tree leaves, stems, fish, flowers, towels, hats, glasses, lips, and the tiny leaves I made)

I made royal icing for the waves in the wave effect and squeezing with squeezing the bag three times I’ve done. I messed a bit with the brush icing internal waves.

The leaves of the tree I glued together with glucose and pre-prepared and dried out I’m nailed to the top of the body part. I put three toothpicks under the portion of the tree trunk, preparing the cake, I plunged in this way.

In fact, there was a hammock and two trees in the cake in the illustration I did previously, but when you look vazgeciverdim difficult to do :)))

Here’s the construction pictures I…

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