Hazelnut-Coated Biscuits… #recipes

Between publishing a new recipe to clear my head when I opened this up it is becoming more difficult. Also thoroughly tested my new recipe, is pushing up on me I’ve grown too lazy. In fact, this was supposed to be at my son’s second birthday cake, sweet biscuits, but I didn’t even do that. No, not that I’m depressed; just here to celebrate, for there was nobody he wouldn’t leave my hand. Our future also because it is a grandmother, so I wanted to postpone my son a bit of his cake. But very soon “pingu”lu will include a cake here, I hope. For those who don’t know, I say, “pingu” clay animation hero. Itself, as the name implies, a penguin, and my son’s first meaningful than the words you say is the most important feature. Let me be clear, I’ll make a cake and share it with you the weekend of my son’s mishap.

Other than that, let me tell you a bit about what’s going on a bit lately. For example, this week holds “plum” in my breakdown. One of my very close friends “here(in Turkey) Erik is output”at a time saying I was like an electric shock. I was saying to myself, here, because there is a lack of spring, the harbinger of spring, the plum of my childhood too because I didn’t see he said. Turns out spring was the main reason myself here felt foreign to themselves. My MSN message is “Carrefour Plum I’m going to get” the message has been opened and the issue I fell, maybe at the most 10 minutes after Erik I was about to go to the door even.

Very easy to go from place to place here on the spur of the moment, in fact, there are plenty of taxi and incredibly cheap. If kivirdiy a bit to say the name of your destination OK. Eyes open but you must be vigilant against. That happened to me many times “to disregard the order” status again. I had So, it doesn’t matter whether or safe during the taxi, you can pass the hoop in front of you and even in case someone manually stopped. Safe hands ravaged by the weight of your shopping cart, because you don’t know the words of fighting the Chinese in a way you can kalakalabi your nerves are swollen. Luckily this time I got the last of the language courses, with the help of the cab and jumped in front of me the way I take it out and the lady politely oturuveren Erik fell.

Usually around here I’m used to the looks I could say, but some of them are really unbearable. Some people-they are mostly male – disassembled almost down to my nose and walking ahead of me turned to me and I’m terrified that they’re reviewing it. Here insinuating, harassment, etc., Not never, but don’t stare blankly curiosity and I’m crazy. Sometimes the “What,” “Why Are you staring,” I say in Chinese, galloping this time they’re moving away. That day I took a not so pleasant hayli of that look. Anyway Carrefour a tight-erik poll from returning empty-handed after when you see the message I got from my Chinese instructor who lives in Turkey is within grasp thoroughly what is happening. They were protesting Carrefour, have asked not to go there was a message that said. It turns out that it was still ongoing and the cause of the glare day look. They see a team that is experienced tensions between China and France and the Chinese they need to know their grandparents after every foreign French beard, that made her feel faint these days we’re getting its fair share of inconvenience. Not being able to find erik still it’s not as painful 🙂

To mention so extended as I have my own recipe I don’t want to keep that in the shadows, now I’m going to this delicious biscuit and construction practical Chinese.

190 gr. butter or margarine
145 gr. powdered sugar-1.5 cups is missing 1 finger
A pinch of salt
2 eggs
75gr. milk-1 small cup
2 cups flour
50 gr. -5 tbsp milk powder
1 cup coarse chopped nuts

Clap at room temperature softened butter with powdered sugar! When it looked like whipped cream mixture, add the eggs and thoroughly again clap! Add the milk to the mixture and we’ll feed. Finally, the flour, salt and add the eggs, for 2-3 minutes, clap! We cut the tip and fill the prepared mixture by squeezing the bag or let’s put our mouth in the widest chunky thing.

Spread out on an oven tray with greased or wax paper leaving plenty of our ranges of(some biscuits, and they’re spread a lot thinner) equal to each other Size (2 teaspoons) to wring out. With these materials we will have until biscuits tray 2.

1 cup whole hazelnuts, shaking the tray and the tray is filled over when the falling edges serpeli let’s stick to the nuts and biscuits. All the nuts will not stick to the Cookies, put a clean kitchen cloth and let it for our counter the loss of Gland nuts and let the tray an upright position. I’m serpeli the remaining biscuits on our nuts again. Let’s do the same process until all the biscuits nuts are present in this way. Don’t worry, they’re not leaving your biscuits from the tray. Our first tray and the second tray separately for the remaining nuts in a preheated oven at 160 degrees let. Bake the biscuits for about 25 minutes until light golden brown. Wait for it to cool out thoroughly.

Bon Appetit!

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