Have Traveled To China… #recipes

“Oh, what the hell!!!” I hear you ask 🙂 unfortunately, this creepy my cake 🙂 But that’s the reason why this model works. This legendary creature in the Chinese culture have a great importance. According to them, the power of the Dragon, is the epitome of magical and spiritual powers.

I have friends among you. For months and slowly my life is changing in a radical way. Many years ago when my wife and I were courting, he often due to work, I was to go to China. At that time, my mouth would be looking for there, so I try to do what you do. What would be cool, I’d come with you, of course, according to the severity of the situation(!) I would say that. 🙂 We are married, as the years passed, it had been my wife doesn’t go to China until we have received a job offer last until the month of May. I was really shocked my wife the news, but said, “What do you say?” immediately the answer to the question “let’s go!” he gave in. The end result of this entire process: 1-2 months we’re moving to China’s Wuhan city. We’re going to live there until about 4 years. After that, the unknown, and probably other countries… the US will be waiting for you…kismet adventures

It’s interesting that what you say well for this cake. Our situation to go as soon as I looked myself for a course immediately. We’re going in the city, probably the number of English speaking people is zero. I need to know the language in order to sustain my job, my life. Therefore 3 months ago I started a Chinese course. My classmates at the end of setup I had the promise of making the cake, I made this cake for us and the beginning of the new setup. Way like this for her 🙂

By popular demand I made my Raspberry Cake. The usual recipe of sponge cake, but 25 cm.the pattern created. I used a mixture of cream and whipped cream for the cream pie. I put frozen raspberries in there a lot. I covered with white sugar paste. I wrote with royal icing black food coloring paint with his writings I would be.

Located on the figure in the house for a cup, I used a picture of the Dragon. I drew it and before I’ve colored. I’ve done a preliminary modeling by looking at then. Then prepare the dough and the actual figure I want in the colors I created. Figure 2 Prepare the day before I left it to dry. After Occupy, placed it on my cake.

You can take a look below at the pictures of my cake making…

Note: If you say what it says on : “han yu xue xi Wo men – We we’re learning Chinese” 😉

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