Hand Knitting Women Bag Models

Hand knitted women’s handbag models, which make women’s bags more valuable and feature, have started to take place in almost every woman’s choices. Because if you think of the effort and eye light given thanks to their hand knitting, you will deserve to be more valuable than other bags. In addition, it is more practical and easy to add motifs on the desired models due to its knitting. In addition, as a result of being more suitable for daily use, it will meet your daily bag needs in the best way. For this reason, it has managed to become a bag of sportswear as a result of reflecting more sports bag style. In addition, thanks to its knitting, you will have the opportunity to add accessories or fabrics, as well as leathers, to these bags. As a model, you will see that it consists of flowers as a motif because it is both a women’s bag and a knit. Thus, you will see that the flowers reflect that unique elegance and you will have the most special bags. As for use, you will also find the way you use it in other bags. For example, you will be able to choose some styles both as handbags and shoulder bags. In addition, the styles that are included in several models and generally selected as portfolio bags are among these models.
gul motif + + + + brown flower patterned knitting + female + + + canta el + model

You will encounter the beauty of daisies in the bag model equipped with white daisies. You will also have the chance to use it as a handbag or shoulder bag. The colors are chosen in dark brown tones and color harmony is tried to be achieved with white daisies. Therefore, the middle part of the daisies is made in brown tones. Thanks to the floral motifs knitted with many colors, it was tried to give a breeze of spring. Thus, they managed to reflect colorful flowers to your bag.
cimen + green + cream + color + the + and wicker rings + + + + handheld handle organ + female + + model cantaDue to the selection of the most eye-catching shade of green color, it has managed to win the likes as it appeals to the tastes. In addition, as a result of adding fabric of the same color to the interior, each flower motif that is processed appeals to the eyes in more detail. The flowers made with large loops and selected as motifs have also gained a bright appearance as a result of making them with white scales. The milky brown bag is used in the braid motif. In addition, staples in brown tones were sprinkled on the bag. Brown leather was added to it.

+ + + handheld handle embossed leather + knitting + cream + color + female + + model canta

Whether it is the style applied or the motifs embroidered, it helped it display its difference. For this reason, the bag with a floral motif knitted in a square shape is intended to consist only of knitting threads. The fabric is placed in the interior with the same color without disturbing the elegance of the bag. In addition, the strap of the bag also consists of knitting. It was tried to obtain a self-motif with the fillings processed by filling the bag with brown strap and the strap designed in this way. The shape of the rectangle is given as a figure.

motif square + + + detailed + color + female + puffs hand knitting + + + model canta

Although it consists of different designs, you will see the accessories as the style that causes the same feature. Because, although it differs in terms of style, it was tried to be decorated with nice pompoms. The milky brown bag is also chosen as a square shape. It is provided to catch the change with the feathers consisting of cream colors. It is completed by adding brown belts and pompoms. The common feature of other bags is that they consist mainly of flowers. They did not neglect to add the pompoms.

folding + ring + handle + blue + + embossed hand knitting + female + + + model canta

Blue and yellow colors were preferred because the bags are considered only one color. The blue bag is made in the style of sports and is completed with zipper. The pattern was tried to be given with the square shaped filling motif. Also, it is aimed to add pleasantness to the hanger part by adding frills with blue color. In the yellow bag, the square shape was given and the folded shape was given and the floral motifs were ended. So he managed to be flashy. You can easily use it as hand bag. For this reason, the strap is only made of yellow knitting yarn.

brown pompom + + + + color of peanut + green hand knitting + female + + + model canta

Due to the fact that it reflects the style of young girls especially, it has been paid attention to be special style for them. It was tried to make a cover on it by choosing a square bag style. Thus, he managed to be different with style. In addition, motifs obtained in red and knitted form were used on the cover of this bag. It has a shoulder bag feature and the bottom is finished with a braid. In addition, pompoms from the bag color were added to the edge. The other perfect bag, made with brown straps and knitting, never compromises on elegance.
knitting basket + + + diamond patterned + mixed + color + hand knitting + female + + + model cantaDue to the fact that it consists of many colors, it was inevitable that the bag was a mixed pattern and also brought the ladies into a colorful bag. Since it is knitted, a suede in beige color has been added to give this bag the most pleasant feature. This beige suede is provided with a sling. As a pattern, colorful lines and floral motifs are given. The bag, which consists of a diamond pattern and thus a square motif, is placed as a small bag as an accessory.

+ round ring + handle + beige + cream + color + female + organ + + model canta
Due to the preparation of two different styles, both handbag and shoulder bag were offered to you in different styles. You will usually be able to choose the yellow bag as a handbag and as you wish. Thus, as you will add the most beautiful color to your clothes and clothes, you will also have the pleasure. Also, since the bag is yellow, a flower motif with a mixture of yellow and blue color is placed on it. It is widely chosen in size. The shoulder bag consists of square and stylish floral motifs. In addition, the selected inner fabric has been added with attention to the color of the bag. Now, you can gain privileged and aesthetic beauties with these magnificent hand-knitted bags.

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