Hand Knitted Pink White Fiber Models For Girls

Generally, it is necessary to say that most of the dowry belongings are young girls beforehand. We can say that the fiber models in various models, which are different colors, are generally a hand knitting type that young girls have in their dowry as accessories. these fiber models are indispensable for bathroom accessories. Before starting fiber models, it is also useful to think and think about what colors your strings will consist of and then start after. We can divide many fiber models that I have seen recently into two parts as big and small. fiber models processed for children generally consist of more attractive and different light colors. There are two fiber models you can see here. square fiber model and fish-shaped oval fiber model. the fiber models here are especially handled with girls in mind, as you know, girls are very fond of pink colors. As with all handicrafts, these fiber models are embroidered with many different colors and patterns. Here we want to tell you two fiber models.

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the fiber pattern we see here is fish-shaped and the edges are decorated with white lace, the middle part is knitted with white threads. Also, in the middle part, different patterns are given with small pink rose motifs. this fiber model is obviously knitted for girls because, as we said before, girls love pink colors. This handle is made of round handle on the left and right sides of the fiber model. This handle will be very useful for both hanging and keeping it in the bathroom.

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This fiber model is processed in a square shape and the same pink and white threads were used as in our previous fiber model, and this fiber model was made by thinking for women and especially girls. fiber models are usually made of soft threads, that is, day or soft Orlon threads, this detail should not be forgotten. Friends My mother made these fiber models. I would like to say that fiber models can now be made from mixed yarns of different colors from the excess threads. Details in the previous fiber pattern motifs are used in the same colors here. fiber models are usually made with skewers or thick shafts. These choices are entirely up to you.



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