HALLOUMI cheese salad #recipes

We love our family so much pleasure to offer our guests a delicious salad recipe and I want to share..I hope you try…


A small bunch lettuce
A bunch of parsley
3-4 sprigs fresh onion
1 small box of canned refried beans
1 small can of mushroom can.
1 carrot
1 cup sliced olive Yesil
1 cup boiled corn
1 package of halloumi cheese

Olive oil


Finely chop all the Greens. Slice mushrooms and in the pool. Add the other ingredients and stir. Their slice of halloumi cheese fat-free duplex in a teflon pan fry. When it cools, place it on top of the salad. Mix ingredients in a bowl and drizzle on your salad the sauce before serving…Bon Appetit..

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