Hairstyle by Face Shape

Hair is the most important clothing of women. Some cannot break their long hair, some show their self-confidence with their short hair. Which hairstyle do you like and use? In this article, we will help you find the most suitable hairstyle. The first thing you need to do is to get to know your face shape. Face shape; They differ as round, oval, triangle, square, heart and long face.  If you have difficulty determining the shape of your face, you can learn your face shape by comparing a photograph taken from the front with the images below.
1. Hairstyles For Oval Face Shape
First of all, we have to say that you are one of the luckiest face types. The oval face can adapt to almost any type of hairstyle. In other face shapes, haircuts are tried to be proportioned to oval face shape. Although there are no restrictions on the hairstyle in this type of face, there are a few points to consider. For example; If you have an oval face, you should take care not to cover your facial features. Instead of folded hair, you can make your facial lines clear by using the same cut hair. Apart from that, you can choose from short, long, wavy, curly or straight hair.
2.Shops for Square Face Shape
The parts that attract attention on square faces are angular jaws. Therefore, short hair is ideal for you to soften the corners and make them oval. You should try bob style, blunt hair or folded cuts. Asymmetrical hair cut at shoulder level will also suit you. You can use round bangs to bring the face closer to the ovale.
3. Hairstyles for Round Face Shape
If you have a round face shape, you should make your face appear longer and thinner. You can prefer the hair that has been separated from the middle to show the shape of the face long, as well as adding volume to the upper parts of the hair, so you can make the face look longer. You can also choose long, natural waves or layered hair that starts from the chin part. Long flutes falling on the cheekbones can also be used as another choice for this face type.
4.Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shape
The narrow jaw in the form of a triangular face, also called the inverted triangle, attracts attention. Preferred hairstyles should be such that this narrow chin leaves more background. This can be achieved by the volumes given to the ends of the hair. The waves made on the hair ends starting from the chin level will reveal a more proportional image. You should stay away from short or straight hair, uncut cuts. However, if you are one of those who love short hair and want to use it; You can use hairstyles that extend the nape of the nape to the short front sides by volumizing the top part.
5.Hairstyles for the Heart-Shaped Face
There are two parts on the heart-shaped faces that need attention. These are forehead and chin parts. First of all, it would be sensible to cover the forehead with hair using rivets from the side to close the opening in the forehead. Since the chin part is similar to a triangle, the hair must be voluminous from the chin level. By considering these, long or medium hair sizes can be used.
6. Hairstyles for Long Face Shape
The important thing on long faces is the width of the face that needs attention. On these types of faces, a disproportionate image appears because the length is larger than width. Volume should be given to the hair to minimize this disproportion. You can oval the face using curly or wavy hair. Long – straight or short hair is not suitable for you. If you want to use short hair, the shortest must be your chin level. You can use the style of the lobe, which is a bit longer than the bob cut. To make your face appear shorter, you can choose straight bangs or combed combs. But if your hair color is light to your skin color, the bangs will make your face even longer. If you are going to use bangs, you should use a few tones of dark hair color or shady hair from the color of your skin.

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