Gulls In The Sky An Angel…My Father Was… #recipes

Today, August 10 is the birthday of my beloved father. Incidentally, this they’re coming to spend the weekend. To publish the post, go out of their way to see surprise that I waited to get in advance. I’ve never done a special cake to my father before. Male or less I had to do until it becomes creamy fancy cake. Previously in the book that struck my eye in one of the bookstores I took a cake cake. I don’t know did the same, but my mind stayed in the cottage that it was something like… to be enjoying this view from the balcony of my beloved father every day, as far as the eye can see the sea and the Seagulls who dive into the water from the sky… you’ll enjoy it very sure that I made the cake. He also landscape, this.. 😉

Dear Father, shake us when we are sick, can’t stand us, we won’t call. Prensesleriyiz my dad’s and my brother, and my father is our king. Daddy I love you so much, may Allah give you long life, my mother, and keeps you in the side of us..

That’s just my feelings for her I wrote it. I don’t have the King now. Yesterday flew off into the sky. Struggling since the beginning of summer has succumbed to cancer. Now my hand is a… more the author, I’ll find you.. I thought you’d like to ease my longing for Turkey I’m going out again Today on the road way. To bury my father. God I wish I just had the patience. Also for the ones who are left behind while we wait to hear from me and my health I know you weren’t expecting this. Wanted to share my pain, that’s all.

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