I opened my blog the first time I published this recipe I had in years. I wanted to share this once again with an updated photo. If who tried this recipe I didn’t change for years and was very pleased. Therefore, I would recommend without hesitation. You can prepare yourself instead of custard recipe custard ready. I didn’t use because I don’t like rosewater. But if you desire you can pour on top.
For custard;
*2/3 packet ready custard powder( I used Dr her )
*3,5 cups of milk
*1 tablespoon margarine.
For gullac;
*Approximately 8-9 pieces gullac leaf,
*8 cups milk,
*2 cups granulated sugar,
*1 package of vanilla
*1 cup of elephant in the form of chopped nuts or chopped nuts of medium size.
To The Top;
*Separated into grains of pomegranate, strawberry, etc.
*1/2 cup powdered pistachios, slivered almonds or nuts on the file.
*1/2 cup almond powder
1.Mix the milk with the sugar, let it heat up until sugar is dissolved. Bring to a boil and then off and the gold, add vanilla and mix.
2.Cook pudding with the milk. Golden garlic and turn off the mixer and let cool for 1-2 minutes with the clap.
3.Gullac leaves, we’re going to put into the size of the Pyrex dish ( I used a large rectangular Pyrex container most here )and shiny surfaces on the upper side of the breaking, first let’s search a leaf Pyrex. with a spoon pour enough milk on top. In this way, a leaf 4 times to make the milk.
4. Fine-4. I’m on the top floor and spread our serpeli nuts on the Leaf.
5.4 pieces on top of the custard and wafers as we did with the addition of milk between them at the bottom leaves up. If we have increased the milk, pour on top. And let’s put our wafers. For 1 hour or so, ” we’re attracting the hearts and thoroughly our top wafers milk, almond powder, powder, decorate with pistachios and pomegranate seeds.
6. We try to prepare wafers after at least 4-5 hours after the service. Bon Appetit.

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