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My last blog 2. today my 49. it’s my birthday. A few more years together, let’s do we take? The title and the meaning and importance of photo day the following Yesil nothing to do with tomato, of course. His story and other…
We went for a weekend to collect the latest products in our garden. In fact, it’s not the final product, there’s hag, quinces and more. It is not that these baskets’t. Enough to fill 8-10 a plate and quince vinegar. But eating the fruit of our own tree is that is so enjoyable. These trees like our children. It’s been 5 years up to trees in the yard. We are happy to give their fruit to watch.

Tomatoes let’s see… the weather is cold. Cold touches the plants now. We also have tomatoes, so let’s take a look what condition we went. So glad we went. We’re back with a lot of red tomato and Yesil. I’ve heard that Yesil is made with stewing Tomatoes, but I’ve done that, I’ve eaten also. If I could take the tomatoes, both come out tasting pilaki, how is that???

As someone who likes vegetable and herb, I liked it a lot. He gave the impression of leeks in olive oil with lots of lemon. Like me but only is not enough for me. Fed it to my wife. He said, “he looks like okra,” he said. Also gave my friend and his wife who visited us a taste My friend “yams with olive oil,” na, his wife’s “gumbo” or likened.

When cooked briefly, never sour a delicious vegetable dish that has nothing to do with tomatoes. Yesil at home with more tomato, one more time I’ll do it.


1 medium onion

3-4 garlic cloves

3-4 tablespoons olive oil

¼ Cup rice

1 red tomato

6-7 tomatoes Yesil



Saute the chopped garlic with the onion and heat the olive oil in olive oil. Rendelener red tomato is added. Peel the tomatoes and chopped Yesil doyulu food is added. The hot water washed rice is added and the eye the decision to put the pot over a fire, cook the rice until tender mouth closed as heavy.

Serve warm or cold.

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