Green Emerald Ladies Jewelry Set Models

Since emerald stones, which are precious stones, have a unique elegance and beauty, they are frequently used especially in jewelry. These ladies were successfully reflected on the earrings because the ladies are very fond of earrings. In this way, green emerald stone women’s jewelry set models also show themselves perfectly on ladies. We shouldn’t just perceive these models as green emerald stones. because these emeralds are in perfect designs prepared by adding diamonds and different stones. As a result of the use of emerald beauty with diamonds, jewelry sets have managed to take place on distinguished ladies as a separate design. As motifs, floral motifs are the most preferred and favorite of ladies, It is completed completely by adding color to the models with leaf motifs and many beautiful figures. Now, with the jewelry sets that are prepared from different designs and have privileged qualities, they will help you achieve the desired beauty and elegance. Achieving every design applied with great care in order to gain appearance in a whole has enabled it to have features that will be the symbol of perfection. The stones used were applied in the form of drop stones, round and to the level that will add richness to the model. In this way, when you look at each jewelry set, it will be possible to encounter a model that appeals to you, whether it is your style or your taste.
stone-hearted white + + + + emerald green mid-+ + + stone necklace earring + + + model kit

It can be said that it is the most stylish model that is intended to be a different design with yellow leaf motifs. Because a pendulum-shaped emerald stone was used and for this reason, a small green emerald stone was added in order to add pleasantness to the leaf motif. Completing it with yellow gold has also gained a heavy look. You will see the other model in the form of a flower motif. The only difference is that when the flower motif is used, the flower is equipped with diamonds. A green emerald stone was placed in the middle, allowing it to be magnificent.

emerald green big + + + + + white edges, diamond stone + + + + earring stone model

It is one of the most special models designed in dark brown tones and used in brown and green colors together. Thanks to the large size of the emerald stone applied, it has managed to attract attention. For this reason, you can be sure that it will add color to both you and your clothes when your ears are included, and will make the traces stylish. Designed as an oval, the edges are decorated with stones and crowned with leaves. Thus, it has managed to be one of the most sought-after models.

double-hearted + + + emerald green stone + female + + + model yuzuk

Ladies’ rings always focus on models that reflect elegance. In addition, due to the importance of elegance as well as elegance, the rings that will present these two factors will be these models. In addition, the green shade of emerald and the diamonds applied have been used together in harmony and managed to appear in integrity. You can see with certainty that your lady will reflect a special elegance to you, as the finger of each lady will create a different beauty and elegance.
+ + + white edges, diamond stone pearl + + + emerald green mid-+ stone + + + combi boilers Taki
In these models, as well as green emerald stones, the diamonds, which have become a sine qua non for women and which they attach great importance to, have succeeded to take their place. In addition, these models are designed by paying attention to the diamonds being more valuable. Thus, you can see the elegance of both diamond and emerald stone together. The fact that it consists of brand new designs has also focused on their interests.
emerald green + + + + mid-large stone edges + + + stone, diamond necklace + earring + + female + model
It seems as if the necklace used with green gold is also a model that reflects the sun. When you first look at the necklace, it looks like a simple design, but it will be inevitable to reflect the elegance. The earrings are drooping designed and prepared to present the show to you. It is also thought to be colorful thanks to the use of many colors. As a motif, it was obtained by choosing leaf motif.
+ + emerald green stone set + + + female + taki model
The use of green tones in these models causes different designs to be obtained. Already emerald stone offers the opportunity to be the most favorite designs as a result of applying different green tones. Jewelery made with stones, in general, the use of drop stone shapes in terms of shape also made the result appealing to the tastes of the ladies. Because the taste and style of each lady differed, they took care to have a wide variety of models.

Taslim-Green-Black-Woman-of-the Rings-Set-GSB093__51917753_0 Gumus

These designs will be models that will reflect the beauty of flowers on you. Because the edges of the applied flower motifs are surrounded with stones to give it a more natural look. Thus, it is thought to add features to both the model and the emerald stone. Now, thanks to this design, your ears, finger and neck will appear in flowers. The other design is completed using only large emerald stones, since it is intended to be plain.

+ A + emerald green stone + modern + young + girl set + + + taki model
Whether you decide whether to choose emerald with drop stones or tulip motif jewelry set, you will surely catch the elegance. One of the most popular models of recent times is undoubtedly jewelry made with tulip motifs. In addition, we see all kinds of accessories with tulip motifs, which managed to attract the great attention of ladies. The reason why these tulip motifs are applied with green emerald stone has caused it to acquire a different aesthetic beauty. In order to capture the show, two emerald stones are combined to be magnificent. In addition, it has been brought to a very elegant and different beauty with its preparation with white gold.

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