Gluten-Rice Pudding & Rice Pudding 4 Material & Anne-Style Rice Pudding #recipes

The construction with a little patience and time he wants in it into water for a long time non eklene no additives cooking, rice in the mouth it causes us to be all helmelenip not appreciated.

GLUTEN-rice pudding-yeah, it’s just milk ,water,rice and sugar
The texture in the photo looks yummy👌 was🏻

Thermal sister told on my page for a long time the @isilcatat I’ve added My Recipe

The construction takes a little patience and time but the results are worth it👌🏻


  • 1 lt milk
  • 1 lt water
  • 1 cup rice (50-60 grams)
  • Granulated sugar 1 sb


  • Yes, why you placed the water ?
  • Rice with milk Pisse helmelenmez just crushed to this degree.
  • Long in the cooking process we put into the water it is flying. So we use a wooden spoon as a guide
  • Put the milk with water and after the water ucucak handle of a wooden spoon after boiling for a while where you are kaynaya kaynaya measure, measure, measure again when it reaches the desired consistency when it comes to half, add sugar until it dissolves and will be brought to a boil again, and will be divided into warm bowls.
  • Water, milk and rice mixture in the furnace is placed in a hot oven until it boils, then cooked over a slow fire.At first, the rice wouldn’t stick to the base of the pot so it is mixed, but afterwards you don’t have to mix.
  • Surging in a while, but if you cook in a large pot, is not the possibility of overflow
  • Heaved is enough to confuse the two. You don’t need to be at the stove for two hours.
  • After 1,5 hours the consistency you want it at the beginning and you can set the stand to be in the dark.
  • Bon Appetit

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