Ranked among Spain’s best-known delicacies, which entered the gazpacho and the cold, prepared as a kind of tomato to be cooked 🍅 the soup actually. My comment you see on the screen, here is the recipe if you say how did you do that;


– 3-4 tomatoes 🍅
– 1 red pepper
– 1 Apple Yesil 🍏
– 1 cucumber 🥒
– Konfit 1 teaspoon garlic and onion (you can use red onion instead of konfit)


Combine all ingredients and salt, pepper and olive oil tatlandirdim. Chop cucumbers in vinegar and a little in advance on the keep you waiting, and there are purple cubes of onion. Served with basil and edible violets. If you wish you can serve it and pour the cream and ice on it. On the other I added vinegar mixture. Can be added to give consistency to the bread or gazpacho, but I didn’t choose because of gluten. This recipe is also very open to your creativity, according to your taste by adding other ingredients into it enrichment. I added apple, watermelon, peach, apricot, strawberry, and often preferred, fruits, artichokes and shrimp in between will be able to be added to the soup. Hot sauces look great, too sure, of course, if you like. Konfit to be cooked briefly in its own fat over a fire, the method can be specified as heavy. If you wish to make garlic and onion in oil aromalandirdig konfit for a long time at a very low heat you can cook. Bon Appetit…

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