from the land of fairy tales – St. Petersburg / White Nights

At an early hour in the morning after a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg approximately one hour we are in. An hour and a bit cool early in the morning. When I came here we were a bit too cautious. I checked the weather report from the internet, but still the warnings of a tour guide with an umbrella, sweater, cardigan etc we bought. In vain we moved. Our first morning in St. Petersburg was a little cool, the weather outside him… it was like lemonade

The first photo above belongs to St. Isaac’s Cathedral. There was 11,000 and was one of the world’s largest domed structures on pilings. Unfortunately we have to see that wasn’t in the tour program.

As soon as we land in town again all day was a city tour bus before. The city, the former capital of Russia, on the Neva River on the Baltic Sea coast spread on the island 42. The old names of Petrograd and Leningrad. As the name suggests, the city founded by Peter the great.

Came to the throne at a young age, and Petro circulated widely in Europe, and wanted to build a new city, this European city was founded. Out of curiosity, he wanted to establish in this region a Delta, which is the shipping city. The first buildings were made of wood, but because of the fires, as well as the stone buildings started to be built in Europe. Even buildings be made of stone in other regions of Russia banned! The obligation to bring the Stone brought from the city to the ship! And just like in Venice, is founded on piles. Therefore “the Venice of the North” is what they call. Of course, it has not been easy to create a city of the swamp. But it was worth all the hardships. Churches, bridges, canals, beautiful city with wide boulevards created.

In the following, the statue of Peter the great on a horse.

This is the city’s roads, parcels, smooth as drawn with a ruler! The founding of the city of 300. allocated a budget of half a million euros because of the year of the city, beautification, restoration. This year the organization of 309. year. This city is Russia’s only female governor in the city and it’s very obvious that a woman had a hand in. Parks, refuges and decorated with flowers. Lots of pedestrian streets. According to Moscow, the best part can be visited without a guide. Both underground complex, and in many places the writings in both English and Russian. We’re so glad to see “letters from the Latin” to come together 🙂

Aurora of the Ark in the photo below. 4 a historic ship moored on the banks of the Neva River in the war and still became a museum ship.

In every place, even in the streets, even posing for pictures in exchange for money and there are young people dressed in historical clothes. Here are two examples.

It’s this statue called the statue of Lenin dancing.

A bridal car… in the streets of St. Petersburg, Moscow all the same here as it is in posing for pictures in beautiful places, it is possible to come across a bride popping champagne.

And The Singer’s House-Cafe. St. Petersburg’s famous Nevsky Avenue is at. It has a nice architecture. There is a large bookstore and a cafe. If you’re a “Pancakes with warm blueberry sauce on ice cream” must try to.

Bottom in the photo, I pulled out of the cafe to work. Kazan Cathedral this magnificent structure.

When you enter the house from the street next to the café Singer… more a fairy tale Splattered with blood Church (Church of spilled blood).

Startle people in the name of the church. Name; Wed II. Alexander was assassinated in 1881 where being taken. “The bloody Church”, “Church of resurrection” is what they call. Stunning mosaics. Just used 7000 M2 exterior mosaic! The highest Dome, representing the year he was assassinated. So, for 81 yards. Some images from…

Historical and spatter in clothes teens posing for pictures in front of the church again, and again misted the face of the figure who did not want the photo published!!!

Again, located on Nevsky Avenue, Anichkov Bridge, I want to talk about. Training horses in the four corners of the bridge there are statues showing the four different. (Currently an ongoing restoration of the building in the second photo appears on the back of that pink building. They close with a cover that shows how the restored building will be done outside.) Here’s the equestrian statues:

I want to compress this together, Amber. In Russia “amber” is known as. Because it is the world’s largest reserves of Amber on the Baltic coast in the use and sale in Russia is very common. Amber this is an interesting example.

Photographs from a boat trip on the canals and the Neva River in St. Petersburg…

Olamazzzzz in the country of fairy tales to tell the tale. A tale (now how much was real, how much of the tale I don’t know) about Rasputin. Rasputin, a peasant family of the child. After a period of punk youth, the priests and attracts the attention of the cleric’s. Wed 2. Nikola and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra, sons of Alexis, the heir to the throne his blood’s not clotting (hemophilia). Rasputin comes into play here also, and the boy she makes a miraculous recovery! After this incident, Rasputin opens with the family on their door. Rasputin, eat and drink, and a personality that are not washed overly fond of women! This proximity is a result of allegations he had affair with Czarina and her daughters is revealed. A star shines so bright even with the family as a result of this relationship, and is starting to have a voice on many issues. This rapid rise Yusupov also like a lot of people her(his wife is rumored to have an affair with) bothers me. Yusupov, Rasputin to the palace and poisoned him one day, invites you food-drinks offering. They’re shooting with a gun when he saw that the poison had no effect, Rasputin starts to run away, they continue to fire, and wrap up in a blanket and they’re throwing in the river Neva. It seems that the autopsy was strangled to death! I’m talking about if you say this Neva River, the palace was on the shore of one of Yusupov. As I walked in front, our guide told us the tale.

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