Frog Cookies… #recipes

I wasn’t around last week so a little trip. I wrote a little article for our blog, Our friend lost some of my love came as a big shock. About passing what they see when they come to my blog, unfortunately I think. As soon as I picked my friends phone bebekkokusu a friend from the forum to find out what happened to me once even opened. Since our names are the same, I’m sorry for this small misunderstanding. I hope I’m here as long as God gives life.

Will order again today does not define my cookie attempt I started again. I don’t know in a way have kept yaratikcig strange but today a frog. I tried to make it as cute as I can. These frogs have constantly blown off the hill because they have to rent and the best part of summer practice so I was in the garden :)))

For the dough ingredients:

130 g butter or margarine-at room temperature and waited

Half cup powdered sugar

1.5 cups flour

2 tablespoons cocoa

Let knead our dough, except cocoa. One somewhat smaller than the two parts, add cocoa into small pieces and again I’m yogurali. Walnuts in top form and get as many of the white dough bowl. On a flat surface or in the palm of our hand or with our hands open and let your palms up. From chocolate dough, we opened half a piece of the dough I can get. The white dough and put it on. Carefully close the white pulp.

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