Fresh Onion Pancakes/ Ply (Chinese Cuisine) #recipes

4 cup (4 cups) flour

1,5 cup boiling hot water

2 teaspoons salt (the original recipe wasn’t in there, but I think it would be a little salt and used unsalted)

Yesil just fresh onion 5-6 parts

1/3 cup (1 third cup) olive oil (in the original recipe, sesame oil)

The pastries are to open additional flour

To lubricate the dough cooked, according to desire with extra olive oil

If desired, salt


1. Flour, warm water and salt in a deep bowl, mix water, it is hot because I used a food processor to mix and knead). Be able to lick a smooth and soft dough. Saran wrap over the bowl and let it sit for half an hour.

2. Parts of fresh onions Yesil ring-shaped thin roll.

3. Waited dough, roll into

Divide into 10 equal pieces.

4. Floured floor, with a diameter of approximately 25 to 30 cm thin open. That you opened with the help of a brush of olive oil roll out the dough to drive.

sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Sprinkle a little salt on it. Roll pastry.

The size of a dessert plate on top of carrot on the floor again and light flour roller/rolling pin with the help of open.

5. Warmed in the pan, if possible in a cast iron skillet, cook until both sides are golden brown.

6. If you wish, lubricate with olive oil on one side. Serve hot or warm.

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