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You guys, at the moment, Sunday looms the purple carrot/turnip often you should be seeing. Well, this is kind of the carrot in the vitamin store how do you use it? Before, I only used to use in the salad. If they are new, the benefits of this carrot and this carrot-I looked into what can be done.

Firstly let me explain the benefits. The Purple Carrot, black carrot or called turnip, a very powerful antioxidant source. According to regular orange carrots, the named item contains more than 28r. The Italian La Stampa newspaper, according to the scientists who are working at the University of Queensland in Australia, in their research, thanks to the purple pigments called anthocyanin in, which functions as a highly effective antioxidant black carrot, dryer also significant inflammation, antipyretic (anti-inflammatory) that is a property of observed.

Also, the purple carrots, it helps to eliminate problems and stomach ulcers. Was effective against serious diseases such as jaundice and tuberculosis. There was an appetizing feature for those with appetite problems. Arteriosclerosis had a soothing effect. He was helping me become stronger and healthier your teeth. Makes clear the bowels and urinary tract problems. Also, black carrot breast milk enhancer feature.

When I read that this is much help, I’m surprised…

Well, what did you do this healthy carrot? I found this on the net… especially Purple Carrot looked up and it was called the region of Antioch fraction, and straining yogurt salad were made. I decided to try also. Both the flavor and I love the color.

This salad, I’d recommend doing it both at dinner and tea on the table.


1 small onion

Fraction 2 (purple carrots)

1. Chop onion in a very small way (when you eat big pieces of onion in your mouth, it shouldn’t be). Purple carrots are also grate (with the small side of a grater rendeledim).

2. Take the olive oil and the onion in a pan and start sotelemey. Bright onions becomes slightly soft and the carrots saute until the carrots into the pan, so stir. Tender, turn the heat off and leave the cake the carrots.

3. Crush the garlic. The nuts with the help of a knife, as the teeth are big.

4. Crushed garlic, chopped walnuts, red pepper flakes, and salt in a bowl add the yogurt on the filter. Add the carrots and stir all the ingredients with a spoon ilimis.

5. Carrot-yogurt mixture, take the container you want to offer service. Garnish with chopped parsley on it.

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