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When I was forced to write with my hand “separation” of the moment approached. I’ve been in Turkey the last 2 weeks. A short visit of town this week, followed by the feast of the last week of collected. All my stuff the day after Christmas to be taken in the evening of the same day I have a trip to China last week to open a new page… I’ll probably go hard in the kitchen to go and I doubt I can spend time on a stand alone PC. For that reason, the farewell post I decided to start a little early.

Try not to strain myself right now how much, but I still think that’s unlikely. I am I’m trying to just live for the moment. This will be an adventure, it will end in the blink of an eye. Who knows, maybe I won’t even ask you return from there, ultimately I’ll be accustomed. I have a thousand questions in my head, how, I wonder, Will you be there my friends, or my house what if people were okay chirpy mix them like it is now? My family and loved ones that troubled me more than anything I think she’ll get used to this situation, I thought. But this separation is just to give life and only God, the rest is irrelevant. Time what would you say? Ozlenel is flying by quickly… some are already my dear…

Parting with our friends, we’re doing meetings for the last two weeks, but “see you in China” saying. “Don’t leave me alone,” I say, “Look, the house ready, the room is available”. “This is the greatest opportunity in the world, all the way to see the other side?” “But,” I say, “you all come at the same time, one of you come, one of you understand either is the last time I won.”

My stuff will not come right away once we get there, I hired the house there are at least some goods, I’m going to fix my house after my most urgent needs. With the arrival of my stuff and of course my computer over to our house I think we will take 1,5-2 months. Until then, took my hands on my wife’s computer, just follow up with my comments and I’ll leave. Despite a lack of materials and equipment still if I could make something, maybe I can make it a surprise, but if not, this cake will get a little bored of seeing for 2 months. 🙂

I had prepared this cake again for a farewell meeting this past Friday is the day. To my girl like my friends with a cake worthy of such abundant flowers Chichewa, however, I said:

For sponge cake,

22 cm mould

4 egg yolks separated from the Whites

1 cup granulated sugar

1.5 cups flour-1 package baking soda mixed dough

Add 1 package chopped walnuts

Half cup vegetable oil

Need a preheated oven at 170 degrees.

Egg whites alone until it was white, clap, clap then add powdered sugar and vanilla and again! Thoroughly and add the yolks into the mixture after some time. Then our Mixer adding little by Little a mixture of the lowest and the transfer of the famous clap! The most recent oil mixture slowly shed us so we can help. We poured the oiled mold and let bake. Cook until brown and the sponge cake on it. After removing the mold from the oven and let it cool a bit and remove it from the oven flip it on the grill and leave to cool. Flatten with a knife and then split up to three times if you are partial bombelenen.

Soak the mixture with water 1 tablespoon strawberry jam 2 tablespoons each floor with our seyrelttig.

I’m serpistireli fantastic white chocolate cream and frozen from each tier. Let’s do a little fantastic job with the cream slightly. This process by applying it to the floor let our cake each.

The white chocolate icing:

160 GR. white chocolate (shot of the robot)

200 gr. liquid cream

100 gr. labne cheese

1 package of cream hardener

Get a pot or a small pot of cream. Sit down and simmer, add the white chocolate. Stirring until the chocolate melts. Take it from the stove and let cool thoroughly. Wait at least 1 hour in the refrigerator. When it cools enough cream, age cream in the mixer until after the highest time to clap! Clap again and add into the cheese! If icing fluid again and add cream hardener clap! (If you do not need to add.)

The exterior cladding and decoration for:

1,5 package cream, 1 cup milk, clap! The outside of the cake neatly cover his body. (Leftovers to be colorized and used for decoration)

Royal icing for the decorations:

250 gr. powdered sugar

1 small egg white

1 teaspoon cold water

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Food coloring (yellow-blue-red)

Tightening bag and tips

Clap with a mixer all ingredients except food coloring! The consistency of this cream must be really good. (If it’s still soft, gradually add the powdered sugar and the desired consistency can be obtained.) We prepared the paint with half red food coloring let cream. Tightly cover the mouth of the remaining half. Put all three of US tightening our purse making Chichewa(right three) let’s put it on wax paper on a flat surface and hit it with flowers at intervals. He doesn’t shake off the flowers, each one put a bead in the middle of sugar. Add the remaining cream to yellow, and blue food coloring and add a small amount of let’s get Yesil. We follow our bags tightening the leaf tip (left three) hit it with wax paper leaves again. Leave to dry at room temperature for 1 Night.

Blue and yellow food coloring whipped cream cream Yesil again, putting what was left of let’s get. Tightening or squeezing the greasy paper bag and put the smallest tip we have a bag prepare small cut in the end. Let’s make the shapes of the various branches on the cake. We want to decorate the bottom of the cake with a tip. Chichewa prepared a day in advance and leaves the way we want to, put them on the branches.

Note: The Feast of the sacrifice all of you first, then, I celebrate the New Year wishes and all my love. With you all the happiness with your loved ones and get…

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