Flavored Olive Oil – ..

We sobered up we love flavored olive oil. I don’t want to say anything, other than saying Thank you Müge.

I write on here I’ll give you the link. You’ll find here.

Materials ;

– 7-8-dried tomatoes

– Yesil olives ( we used olives established ourselves last year.)

– Garlic

– Rosemary

Muge put in the nuts. we didn’t we were. I guess we forgot 🙂

Preparation ;

Dried tomatoes in warm water until it is softened, we’re holding.We’re cutting small olives. We crack nuts. Chop up the tomatoes and mix in a jar too small. Add olive oil enough to hang on.

One night would have been a lot better if he waited. The presence of flavored olive oil in the fridge also and always lots and of course will be very practical.

I think you should try this weekend. The warm bread.. the next Miss…

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