Fishing Event – ..

The fishing season opened. It must be the best option for both flavor and convenience and looking for fish. Eat at home or you can get right now. 5 days a week like my wife, especially your wife, even as much as fish can eat fish.

For the month of October, the internet site says.
“Temporary type of fish, feeding in the Black Sea, the sea of Marmara is the period when the Migration started. Therefore, fishing is abundant. Manifests itself as the mackerel season. Gained the full flavor of bluefish, horse mackerel lubricated. Take plenty of bonito. Mullet, red mullet, sword, pike perch, bream, geranium, eskina, Toric, butts”
So, Verily, with every fish eat. 🙂

Bikez go and closing said last let’s make our cottage with us and my mother had sea bass. The tray with the onions,chop the tomatoes up and placed the fish on it. And of course with the Bay. Was delicious. For Amal, who was to come the next day when we had more ablam. While in the mishap and yet escaped my sister’s throat bone.
Escapes always goes.
But this time it didn’t go well. My sister stayed there last week and 1day in hospital he has traveled. Now he spends his time by always eating the stuff liquid. Invisible for the entire week at a time in an accident.. say what you say the plans changed. The worst hide from God..

I say, let us beware of fish to eat. Especially when giving to children to be involved in an accident that thoroughly clean up. Oh my..

Fresh spinach my mom (What You Call II now had a name I can’t remember) chop the garlic sauce and vinegar blended. It was a perfect salad. Sour but delicious…

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