When it comes to summer-from how much calories we have a complaint – can’t give up fried foods.Eggplant fries mixed in that I would use a single …

When it comes to summer-from how much calories we have a complaint – can’t give up fried foods.I love the eggplant fries, yogurt sauce and fries as I use it only as mixed in.In this presentation, I used a combination of both yoghurt and tomato sauce.Dear friend Naciye at the table before I ate.Fancy presentations because I loved it so much I tried and wanted to share it with you.Your your breakfast table,tea table,dinner invitations, decorate your party.


*4 eggplants belt
*1 cup plain yogurt
*4 large tomatoes
*4 cloves of garlic
*Vegetable oil for frying
*Tomato sauce 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
*Parsley for garnish


1)and, if desired, peel the eggplant(you can peel variegated) 2 cm.we’re cutting in the form of rings.Rubbing salt to release the bitter juices for about half an hour we’re waiting.The bitter waters lay in the water when we wash.Drain with paper towels we are established.
2)put oil into the frying pan and we’re frying we’re pissing off the eggplant and thoroughly.We’re getting the fried eggplant on a paper towel to excess oil suzdurmek.
3)we are grating the tomatoes.2 garlic cloves, 2-3 tablespoons of honey olive oil with a little bit of stuffing.Then we added tomato sauce.We leave it to boil.We are adding salt.We’re cooking until the tomato juice has evaporated and we’re taking from the stove.
4)add yogurt into the filter and also other grating 2 cloves of garlic and mix thoroughly.
5)we’re putting a slice eggplants on a service plate.We put the yoghurt and put eggplant again.We continue this process until all the eggplant.Then pour the tomato sauce on each eggplant Tower in abundance.We’re decorating it with chopped parsley.

Bon Appetit:)

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