Emre’s 4th Birthday #recipes

Emrecig age 4 birthday celebrated among family only recently. Of course, even among family, though, we had quite the crowd. It was quite hard to find 23 people what I do, but of course I had a nice meal with the help of my sister and my mother, thank God everyone was dollars 🙂

In the menu ;

– Roll cabbage with olive oil and leaf

– Rice noodle and beef barley stroganoff

– Curried chicken and dumplings

Spinach gratin

– Sweet potatoes-olive oil

– Celery salad

– Potato pancakes

– Yesil salad

– Roast the vegetables in the oven

– Ashura

– Cake

Of course the cake is on me. The soldiers wanted something to reveal such a thing with little dinazorlu me when I pulled up. I usually prefer the crust doesn’t like to eat sugar, I didn’t, no one could.

Celery salad from my sister Emel. Amal you have to visit my sister’s blog here. Most who have experienced first hand from my mom, we loved our kitchen 🙂 www.mutfakkolik.net

Years ago I ate these pastries in the morning light. It was tesnim the recipe. I stuck with béchamel sauce in mind, but it’s not 🙂 I’ll add that I don’t want to lose because my next recipe will be this recipe.

For such occasions it’s nice barley in a rice noodle. also I cooked I added the cubed meat into it. The buffet was very good.

I tell the table;
Yesil salad and sweet potatoes when I wasn’t at the table yet photos. My sister’s arrivals from the Crescent. Olive oil, yams favorite of recent times in the US. Both are great with chopped. Delicious…

Cabbage rolls for my mom. Stuffed made with onion that I looked at the last birthday. E E is one of the most delicious of the most demanding.
Asure any other means appropriate food of the day. My mother-in-law. and, of course, in her defense, my father-in-law 🙂

Birthdays this.. our goal here is to always be together, be happy together always..
Nice days that filled tables…

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