Embroidery – Brazilian Embroidery

Embroidery was always a branch of a craft that I love. I even like to mix the embroidery magazines. Now it is time to take action, saying “Brazilian Embroidery (Brazilian Embroidery)” na I started. This “dimensional embroidery (dimensional embroidery), they call it. Because voluminous, fluffy type of embroidery. Used in conjunction with classic embroidery techniques. I’ll give little weight to the coming of this winter. Especially I’d like to try new samples about Brazilian Embroidery.

For this first experiment… here on my kitchen tablecloth and wanted to share it with a valve cover I made. Brazilian embroidery and normal embroidery techniques with the cover and the cover I have committed.

I think I rushed to capture in photos. The one I took in the evening when it got dark it didn’t come out very clear.

You see…in New hands

Note: To try embroidery when I open my new blog I’ll write in more detail, and I’ll resimleyec.

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