Not missing soup in Turkish cooking, especially in the month of Ramadan. But like many of us, I, too, have the same meals over and there are times of my distress was at times like this, I feel the need to try something different. Eggplant soup was a new recipe in my kitchen with these thoughts. Actually an old recipe eggplant soup, prepared with almonds that is found on restaurant menus in the Ottoman cuisine Ottoman cuisine and flavor. For a different presentation is what I think, I haven’t made it with almonds. However, in another implementation, the service for almond, pine nuts or walnuts, I’m thinking of. The following tariff during the service, old cheddar cheese, grated and sautéed with bacon, fresh thyme leaves, too, look I would say. I recommend to those who are open to new experiences. Let’s our recipe;


– 3 eggplants

– 1 tablespoon butter

– 1 tablespoon flour

– 1.5 cups milk

– Salt pepper

– 1,5 cups of boiled water or broth

– For service dried tomatoes, finely chopped parsley


Our eggplant by punching small holes in a few places, on the stove or in the oven kozluyor we are. We’re small chopping peel immediately. Add melted oil in the pot, we sauté for our reputation, then we are adding Our eggplant immediately. You ought to keep this process as short as possible because waiting eggplants bubbles. Our eggplant after frying for 1-2 minutes add our milk, stirring, so we have to get our soup consistency. After boiling with hot water or broth bring it to the consistency we wanted our soup, add salt and pepper, after a few minutes, we’re taking from the stove. Finally chop into thin strips dried tomatoes in hot water and we keep you waiting we received a bowl with the chopped parsley garnish and serve the soup we are. As I mentioned in the introduction, lightly sautéed pine nuts and grated old cheddar cheese and bacon and other service may be the recommendation. Bon Appetit.

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