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Easter bun… Today I’m here with a taste and smell of my childhood. I haven’t done in a very long time. The approach of Easter for a few days due to my social media sharing is haunted. I’d take it from there until the canteen is closed, but after that I miss a flavor. I wonder if you give the order (@superior than the Palm) I think when you decided to do it myself.

I have a copy of my mom’s recipe book, even my mom lost hers, that was the real reason, anyway I found with the book Easter bun recipe. My mom had learned from my aunt, and we used to do it often, just didn’t have mastic gum in my mom’s recipe, and usually only a very small portion of the buns we used. After I ate In Bozcaada gummy buns, Easter bun must in gum also, thinking that my mother’s recipe I have prepared this way, with small changes in the pastry you see on the screen.

The second minor point I have added the recipe to my mother’s recipe was the icing separated from the cream the milk the amount of milk so you can replace it with a mixture of 300 ml of milk or cream exactly as Can may remain. I’m adding more fat than milk, the cream bun was to be a longer soft tissue’s why, and the outcome was successful recipe I wanted to try to see some stranger I can say that. We finished the doughnuts in 3 days 3. it was a consistency that can be eaten without heating all day. With the measure you see in the picture that I gave a big donut, a muffin and a muffin was always my mom that we do the small little spiral. Spiral naturally out of the oven donut was unable to attend the photo shoot because we had to taste:) it’s a recipe a little daunting, but they’ll try, never fear, no need to some dough if you have experience can be applied easily. The smell of Mastic Gum and mahaleb our homes, let’s pretend getting stronger.


– 4 eggs

– 1 cup granulated sugar

– 250 gr butter

– 200 ml cream ( instead of milk can)

– 1 cup milk

– 1 package dry yeast

– 1 tablespoon drip gum powder

– 1 tablespoon mahaleb grain

– 1 teaspoon salt

– 7 cups flour

– 2 tablespoons slivered almonds


Iwe’re slightly warm milk our first, hand should be enough not to burn, add a tablespoon of granulated sugar and the yeast into it, mix for 5 minutes and we’re holding. In a separate bowl, melt the butter we’re making a deep and warm into a large bowl the butter, our eggs( 1 egg, separating the yolk) powdered sugar, cream, add milk and ensure that they are well mixed and fermented. Then drip gum powder (make the powder by beating one) and the one we brought mahleb the beating into a powder ( the powder in your hand you can use it if mahaleb), and then add piece by piece, add the flour and we are a molder. When you add the flour it will be sticky and soft dough consistency. I left my dough 7 cups flour policy is recovered, the amount of flour may differ a bit ( depending on the size of the egg) toparlanin our hands as the dough is absolutely clean , otherwise you need to you can get too much flour in the dough.

When it comes to this stage kneading dough on slightly floured counter for 5 minutes with clean hands and we’re it. Take the dough on it and turning it off and on a clean bowl covered with cool environment to ferment for 3-4 hours at least and we’ll leave. Mayalandirdim 5-6 hours, in the time that we did with my mom, and my mom even longer wait, I mean, not even if the environment is too hot can stay for 8-9 hours. But if the ambient temperature is high, it is important to note that may be souring on the dough. It’s the eye of the eye of the dough, and if we set the container is filled and ready. Knead the dough again and you’re getting a little more air and we took the counter. Now we can figure. The dough we divide it into 5 parts. Take a piece and divided into 3 equal parts, and roll each piece we’re doing by making the hair braid. 3 piece individually and roll it up and take the base mesh’s that we’re doing a large braid. The remaining 2 pieces together again and again we divide it into 3 parts, we’re doing the braid, lattices, and we put on this large mesh’s. At the base of the weave to stay in the middle with our hands we will weave slightly from the second to the top in the next part we’re making room for the neck and we can put on the weave mesh. Tray for 15 minutes then take the tray to pick up all the cupcakes and we’re waiting on the yeast, the dough will be a little more in this process. We reserved in advance then on the egg yolks, syrup, slivered almonds serpistiriyo we are. Instead of walnuts or almonds may be nuts, usually walnuts and we’d put mom. We’re baking our donuts in a preheated 180 degree oven for 35-40 minutes. The temperature of the oven and cook the cupcakes we bought it from we’re covering with a blanket over the first. We may serve by slicing when it gets mild, this flavor, which is delicious alone, with fillings, it’s much better. Bon Appetit…

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