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Etimek dessert

Etimek dessert
Last night for dessert I made this dessert a very nice material to anyone
a half litre of milk
5 tablespoons starch
a package of vanilla pudding powder
1 and a half cups sugar
2 vanilla sugar
1 dessert spoon butter

ingredients for syrup almonds and dates
1 and a half cups of milk
2 vanilla sugar
one cup powdered sugar preparation first we prepare our syrup
Milk, vanilla sugar and sugar is our light we are boiling
We are listing our boron into the glass Pyrex I used bread. We’re showing on our milk.
Our sugar starch sugar milk vanilla 1 teaspoon butter in a pot deep our daughter and our first are unbeaten nu vanilla pudding powder. We do cook stirring over medium heat stirring until thick consistency.
We’re walking on our bread.
Rested for half an hour, and then putting it in the fridge, we’re good .
Approximately two to three hours waiting on them to cool in the fridge for when we got served I used dates and almonds, Bon Appetit

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