Describe two birthday on the menu #recipes

Dear hot chicks or Zuhal Yalcin‘the words hot lollipops. I made these for my daughter’s birthday was one of the first chicks and biten believe. The kids they loved it.. the four interrupt pastries ,long words I put I all over the pastry and tightly wrapped. I cut a finger thick and fried and I I blew it with the toothpick. It’s that simple..enjoy it..

I’ve always been scared of making cookies, but I wanted to try these cookies for a long time. I was very sad she wasn’t pretty, but the result is perfect.. so simple wasn’t as hard as I raised my eyes I would advise you to even try!

250 g margarine
2 eggs
1 cup powdered sugar
Flour(about 3-4 cups)
Baking soda 1
1 vanilla
For rides between nutella
over a teaspoon of red food coloring until the end of
1 cup granulated sugar

For the dough, the materials mixed to make a soft dough is obtained. Walnut plucked pieces of dough, rounded and placed on a baking sheet without suppressing them. Cook until the bubbles so that it remains in white. When the cookies cool, put up with Nutella on the bottom of one and the other are adhered. Selenium is then immersed in food coloring to granulated sugar.Cookies are ready, enjoy.

In the meantime, we started to pick up our first fruit hazelnut under the project site owner to have a dialogue.. Selim Tuncer this supports our efforts and stated that our project has incorporated. To him with my nuts puff pastry recipe on the site I would like to thank for giving my a place to my painting. I liked it a lot also I would recommend you to visit the site….

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