Dalyan Meatballs #recipes

Dalyan meatballs is a dish loved my wife very much ..I realized I haven’t done in a long time, more precisely farkettirild I(by my wife). What I thought I’d cook the recipe..it’s a good idea when writing it was very difficult for me because I didn’t use a particular measure. Put meatballs estimated 500-750 grams of spices,and stale bread 1 egg mix my meatballs I made.1 finger thick was spread in wax paper. I’ve lined up side by side eliminating by cutting into boiled 2 eggs, boiled peas and carrots, pour wax paper in a tight roll, thanks to what I did. I drove over 1 tablespoon oil and very little water to mix it with the sauce. Previously I have heard of that baked in the oven. (Exactly before it gets cold you can serve it sliced through.)Bon Appetit

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