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Ramadan pide

Ramadan bread recipe Cup warm milk 🌹
🌹1 cup water
half cup 🌹
sunflower oil
40 grams of compressed yeast 1 🌹
a 🌹tablespoons granulated sugar
🌹1 teaspoon salt
We use as much flour as it takes because each cup is separate from the measure of flour given the amount of it should be usually not from very soft to very soft dough .
first we melt in the warm water with the other ingredients and add the rest to Maya.
Slowly add flour, kneading the dough and the dough left to ferment for about half an hour we yogrulmal it to be a very good covered way .
I pulled the cloth from the dough 3 pieces of this dough in the palm of my hand, I opened the oven to the baking tray with the paper I’ve used, but still I open the dough after I drove one drop of sunflower oil

🌹Juice 2 tablespoons flour and beat 🌹I had a cup of tea first .
I’ve done with my nails, you guys are famous I sunk into the water first before you can use a fork if you want, then dip into water as it gave way .
Half cup yogurt 2 tablespoons sunflower oil 2 egg yolks and stir 🌹🌹🌹I drove on drizzle sesame seeds and nigella seeds if you wish, sprinkle with sesame seeds just, you know, like a yummy pita oven to 180 degrees cook until golden brown and Pomegranate, this recipe is very nice if you want you can make two pita someone I wanted to be thin you to all of you I made 3 good good Sahur iftar, ramadan is almost over, went so fast during Ramadan, please remember to like a lawful right to the eye, also please respect your efforts

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