*12 egg whites
*1 cup cake flour (130 g)
*1,5 cup sugar(300 gr)
*1/4 teaspoon salt
*1 teaspoon cream of tartar
*1 teaspoon lemon juice
*1 teaspoon cold water
*2 teaspoons liquid vanilla
*1 teaspoon almond flavor

For the strawberry sauce:
*1 cup strawberries
*1 teaspoon starch
*1 tablespoon granulated sugar


1)First, We are preparing the flour.100 g flour,30 g starch 1 teaspoon baking powder twice and mix and we’re eliminating it.(you can use cake flour if you have it ready) then add the flour and half the sugar for 30 seconds in Rondo’s pull together again and we we’re eliminating.
2)add the salt to the egg whites until fluffy and thoroughly are unbeaten.We add cream of tartar into the sugar, then thinned the remaining three at once before while flapping.Latest lemon juice,water,beat again add vanilla and almond flavor and.(the whites of eggs thoroughly, swells,hard, stiff peaks you must,don’t flap too much)
3)then, add the sugar mixture into the egg whites and again the famous three at once,with a spatula, we’re mixing the egg whites turn out.
4)we prepared the muffin moulds, fill them with cake mix.We’re baking in a preheated oven at 170 degrees.Remove from the oven and once it cools, we’re releasing from the mold.
5)we prepare our tomato sauce for service.We are boiling strawberries and sugar and starch from Rondo.When cool, pour on top of the cake.You can use any sauce or cream.
Note:the cake shrunk a little bit out of the oven, don’t worry.

Bon Appetit:)

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