cube with peach sauce #recipes

Light summer dessert recipe from my friend Muna.

1 litre of milk,
1 egg yolk,
2 tbsp. flour,
2 tablespoons starch,
1 cup granulated sugar,
1 package vanilla
50 g butter,
1 package whipped cream.

On top for the sauce:
3 peaches,
3 tablespoons granulated sugar,
1 cup water
Delete the 1 tablespoon of starch.

Ladyfingers 1 for each cube

Preparation: By mixing all the ingredients except the butter to the consistency of whipped cream and pudding is cooked, the hotter, the dust whipped cream and butter are added and mixed.

Meanwhile, peeled and chopped in cubes peeling the peaches, sugar, a bit of nutmeg is expected, water is added and boiled on a low flame. Opens with very little water starch, boiling the peaches with the sugar; add it is boiled until it becomes thick.

Split into three ladyfingers into the bottom of the bowl by soaking in milk. On top of that the custard is added. Ilimis which are coated with the custard over the peach sauce. Decorated with coconut on it.


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