Crispy Triangles tahini (Sesame roll) #recipes

Away from the blog world faded into a very successful out of recipes. The taste of this tahini, my daughter mevlud we did summer brought to a close relative. Don’t like tahini, even though I was going crazy, first I ate and it seemed like an awesome invention. I found on the internet call and then when I saw already a lot of people try and put them in the blog. When we returned to the House over the holiday turkey tahini I have hidden in my suitcase I already Biskin soft and even. (At the entrance to China on X-ray, if found, will be confiscated) try at the first opportunity after I became addicted. Prepared and waiting to cook for 10 minutes in 10 minutes, and then bayila bayila you are watching your guests enjoy eating.

Roll recipe made in the form of anywhere but our Aunt Pearl made in the form of this amulet. Spilling and scattering inside is very good because he has the nuts goes to waste. There are everywhere, but not like this fixture for having my blog as I might add. If you have an emergency guest, with total peace of mind and make your cozdurmed while in the freezer and you can cook.


Biskin Filo (phyllo two sheets of 5 coming out, you can calculate according to him)


Walnut fracture

Granulated sugar

Icing sugar to sprinkle on

The two sheets of phyllo, put it on top of our counter.( it’s 2 sheets thick sheets some brand they may be. Some is getting thinner, then 3 Leaf, including tahini or a brush with the help of our hands on let. She needs to be immersed tahini instead of each pastry. I’m serpeli powdered sugar all over the pastry with our hands. Then again, I’m all over the pastry with our hands serpeli Walnut random fracture. Our pastry cut into 5 long strips. Start to fold making a triangle like the one in the picture. We let the Triangle on the construction of a charm. On our second charm in the tray put it in the oven without touching anything. Cook until it turns pink. (If necessary, wait for 5-10 minutes in the oven, cooking in a very short time, are careful not to burn)

Bon Appetit!

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