crispy Sweet Tahini #recipes

Nice crispy sweets that put my daughter’s name is ANI
guest is the ideal solution against raids …

Although there is a taste of baklava
incredibly simple and practical construction.

Tahini desserts that you can smell the delicious scent of this flavor is one of the favorite of our house.. the preparation is simple, frankly, sounds a lot to me..

You will receive 4 pieces of 5 in period 1 a pie from the phyllo for dessert I recommend that you dedicate if you are making this.
You’ll be hooked for sure..

Our children will love is a recipe.


1 pastry
1.5 cup of tahini
1 cup crushed walnuts
3-4 tablespoons granulated sugar
50g melted butter(vegetable oil is added in a tablespoon)


Apply a mixture of melted margarine and vegetable oil 1 opened on Filo. Then drizzle the tahini all over the pastry. Dedicated dust sprinkled on the pastry tahinle .seker. Again, walnuts are poured on the pastry.Are made into soft rolls wrapped in a subtle way. Roll the pastry on a greased baking tray and cut a slice of baklava in the form of stacked together. Over the remaining margarine and vegetable oil mixture is driven by. Subsequent to oven and roast, pour on the powdered sugar and serve. Bon Appetit

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