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The first post of the year 2018 is pretty sweet and enjoyable with a movie you get…

Last Friday evening my wife had chosen a good movie to watch this movie, “Paris Can Wait” (Paris Can Wait) starring Diane Lane’s gastronomic scene contains plenty of that named it was a very good movie. Diane Lane “under the Tuscan Sun” is a player I like a lot with this movie reinforced my love with the movie. In France last, quite beautiful images, accompanied by a big meal later eaten, I recommend this delightful movie to watch with the scenes where history and nature meet.

Anyway, let’s get down to the main subject. In the movie, the heroes are often very good and famous restaurants, and they eat all of this food looks delicious. The feeling I felt while watching the film was Neslihan’s go to the kitchen and cook up something nice. The film leaving in the morning, I slept in the late hours when you’re done, the urge. Work in the morning first thing before breakfast creme brulee (cream brule) or other known name “burnt cream” and is known as burnt cream, so this dessert was to make it practical and actually extremely delicious.

There is a cream Brule recipe on the blog before I wrote, but I wrote this recipe with a measure Cup, this is a beautiful film accompanied by updating and expanding it a little bit more of interesting information in my previous article I wanted to share with you again. Cream Brule is the origin of where the issue of controversial French cuisine, although it is known as a recipe in fact, I can say that there is English and Spanish claims were in that place. Those of you who went to Spain called crema Catalana, a crème brulee dessert recipe that was very close to The Notorious is actually realized.
Like cream Catalana Creme brule is actually “custard cream” in the past, mainly made from milk and eggs custard, caramelized sugar icing made with a base on the base we can think of it as a dessert. There are slight differences between them in terms of material and method. Creme Catalana earthen vessels is made by adding the starch mixture with the milk and cream, and the blowtorch on the sugar instead of traditionally with red-hot pokers burned. It is often aromatized with orange zest and cinnamon.

Cream Brule also able to prepare with different flavors, but the classic is prepared with aromatized with vanilla and cream. You can come across recipes for cream brule was added to the milk, but I do it with whipped cream. When it comes to flavor, the US privately or Mastic may be the skin of the fruit peel and cinnamon, spices such as cloves may be, but I’d say make the most delicious dessert in the most classic for this.

Photos of the stages of the construction process, there are a few tips you can make easily at home by paying attention to this delicious dessert. This recipe is also available at the link I gave in my account to make Expert video you can watch on TV. It may sound strange to some people size, there is the recipe for 4 people, 6 people that I wrote here, porsiyonlamay you can adjust to suit yourself.

Ingredients: (Sleeps 6)

– 600 ml cream

– 2/3 cup sugar

– 6 egg yolks

-1,5 teaspoon natural vanilla extract (vanilla grains of a bar)

– Over 6 teaspoons of sugar brown or white


Vanilla extract or vanilla to the cream cut with a knife we pulled up to the bar, grains, bread, cream of flavor to make we hear. We’re taking from the stove before the boiling point. In a mixing bowl separate egg yolks and white sugar are unbeaten in our. We are unbeaten and rolling over high heat add the cream thoroughly. We spend to get the vanilla particles filter. Our little bakery we are evacuating the mixture and the mixture bubbles formed on the containers, we’re putting out. We put our trays into the oven door the oven door and we put a wet towel on the base we’re putting them. (Most suitable for cream Brule which is more flat in the photo you can see a round container in the oven door, it is preferable to make it easier to cook the cream, but in different containers like I did, you can cook the way it won’t be too thick.) Pour boiling water into tray to come halfway our door and pre-baking in preheated oven at 160 degrees for 35-40 minutes. we’re When taking out of the oven, the cream we still will be shaking like jelly. We have received from the tray when the oven door is cool, we’re resting in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours and thoroughly until stiff consistency. Then sprinkle 1 teaspoon sugar over them, and we are burning with blowtorch. Able to do more or less sugar, make additional changes if you put on layer, is preferred to be sufficient for a thinner consistency 1 teaspoon I can find. If you don’t have a blowtorch, in the same way sugar basket, put it as close to the top of your oven heated to 180 degrees and just by doing the Cooking Grid from the top, melt the sugar, cook until you can karamellesene. Be very careful at this stage, very quickly you can cook, that’s what I’m controlled to prevent it. After our dessert in the fridge to cool down and again, the service we do. The sweet caramelization of sugar, our best time to serve it after cooling if it happens again because if you wait too long time we make on the sugar begins to melt and the top layer should be in the bulge disappears. Bon Appetit…

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