crazy patchwork handbags

It is known a technique that has been used for centuries as a patchwork. The remaining small parts that can be used to convert it to another object by evaluating the aim. So when it was not developed textiles, the fabrics expensive in times of war and poverty, arose from necessity. In time have become an art.

The combination of harmony and dissonance that arise from different pieces of fabric artifacts of our country, patchwork, patch, kirkpare she is trying. The U.S. and European countries, however, these studies have created an industry. This technique of fabrics, patterns, books, etc. materials are sold.

Crazy patchwork crazy kirkyama we knew is gone!!! The usual symmetry instead of asymmetry, the asymmetric form and a form properly instead of whatever comes to your mind the lines on embroidery, beads, embroideries, laces, decorate by making aplike. There are very good examples.

How do I this entry? By combining simple pieces in the house my intention was to make a bag of my clothes. Well, my slippers, and my book bag that I can put behind me elisi a simple patchwork applique patterns on fabric could be plain, or it could be some… is crazy. It was my dream…
Look at the fabric in Bursa in the hands of the teacher the model of this bag and drew. With great effort I started. I’ll keep it to that, here the use of Needlework, Brazilian embroidery here I’ll keep a butterfly, or even a bag was plenty of sooty saying I’ll try ribbon embroidery. Our teacher, come on, make a bag bellows, put between the fiber yorganlam when I say show, each technique has turned out to be the type of bag used. Few cell lining and the inside of the mouth, I sewed the zipper also. I use a fancy bag so I don’t know where, but when my excitement is enough for me…

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