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It was a delicious Chinese recipe for my next cookie, but together “es” I wanted to put. But on the way don’t worry that there is something else on the way. Of a Turkish family that comes to work here with my wife. This week, they are my guests here for 1 Week just like us to keep as well as get to know the city and home they came. Here Comes My loneliness with a partner. Especially after a bad experience last week where I live, it is apparent that humans are dependent on how another human being. My son woke up sick one morning and I didn’t have anyone to take care of me. My husband was out of the country for 1 Week. My son almost starved all day with no one to call, I just with in order to be semi-unconscious, I slept in his room, she played to herself, she lingered. Fortunately, you no longer call me “my catch” will be the one I’ll say here.

Here are my guests this delicious dessert for the menu from the day it was last Tuesday. Describe, Türkiye Iş Bankası publishing of “the most beautiful desserts in the world” from the book of. My wife said, “a little sweet milk, please, by saying” were investigated, and the most easy is selected. Core coverage with the addition of a bit of the dessert I want to try the cream cake then.

It confuses me that one of the ingredients in the recipe, it was corn meal and I never my mind I was sleeping. The translator was there fault I guess for that reason, I used corn starch instead, and I was very good. The entire material would otherwise go straight in the trash. (For those who have see the book. sf.74)

With the corrected version:
1.5 cups powdered sugar-285 GR.
6 tablespoons cornstarch-90 gr.(70 gr. I used it, the texture was pretty good)
900 ml. milk
3 egg yolks
6 tablespoons butter-75 gr.
1 tablespoon instant coffee
Add 2 tbsp chopped walnuts or 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 tablespoons cocoa-30 GR.
Connected to desire: 4-5 dark or milk chocolate piece, 3-4 pieces of white chocolate (like chocolate think about 30 grams)

To decorate:
A half a pack of powder whipped, whipped with a little less than half a cup of milk, you can use the decorations that you want to be

If I put a pot of sugar and starch, add milk into it as much as a half cup, LeT and let. Little by little add the milk and continue to mix until the dough sticks together, let’s all let. Mix over medium heat until the milk gets hot and let’s let him sit up. Before boiling add the yolks of the eggs with a whisk and mix at FAST speed. Don’t stop stirring until the cream boils, let the gold and after boiling 1 minute add. Then take from the stove and immediately add the butter. Cream until the butter melts stirring occasionally to make sure it’s thoroughly mixed.

In the original recipe, these processes of the materials one-third the cooking was done again each time a new cream, but it does no harm to cook all at once 😉

Hot kitchen in no time with our cream you want with the scale you want to look at the decision, there are 3 equal parts. It was easy to interrupt the synchronization the same bowls. We each put the ingredients in a separate bowl! Cocoa and milk or dark chocolate pieces if you want one, only one instant coffee, add vanilla and the white chocolate one.

With a fork combine it all beautifully. (Instant cocoa and beat with a mixer to avoid the dough sticks together you can. Chocolates will melt from the heat of the cream already)

Put the mixture evenly neskafeli the bottom of our door before service. I use the glasses I got 5 pieces, but a little more thin layers with 6 I was told. Divide mixture neskafeli after you finish up all the glasses, make layers of vanilla. Finally, by sharing our floors chocolate cream finish.

We prepare in advance and left in the fridge to cool and wring out the bag with whipped cream triple star put the icing on tightening. On to decorate with powdered pistachios, slivered almonds, nuts etc you can use.

Your desserts you can prepare in advance 2 days of no watering, etc happens.

Bon Appetit!

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