Cocostar cake #recipes

Cocostar cake

Cocostar cake
➡4 tablespoons flour
➡2 tablespoons cocoa
➡1 table spoon hot water
➡three eggs
➡baking powder.
➡A half-cup of water granulated sugar

On coconut preparation
➡2 cups coconut
➡a package of whipped cream
➡Raw cream 200 millimeters
➡Granulated sugar 4 dinner spoon

➡To pour cold milk on a cup of tea


first, the raw 2 cups coconut beat cream and vanilla sugar with whipped cream over when you get a solid consistency, the clerk and granulated sugar mix thoroughly.

Mortar materials for chocolate

➡Raw cream 200 millimeters
➡A packet of milk chocolate 150 grams
We carry a small pot, stirring to melt the chocolate into the hot cream Avalanche clerk we provide

Cocostar Cake

The first sponge cake I get. For this take a bowl and mixing the eggs and sugar until foamy, whisk about 4 minutes.
Add 1 tablespoon hot water and stir. Cocoa, flour and baking powder by adding By adding to the mixture stir with a spatula.
The base of the oven to put the pie plate and the edges cut paper
Pour batter into prepared pans.
Cook for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Dip a toothpick into the dough for sponge cake out of the oven whether it is before taking the test. If the toothpick is dry sponge cake. Pour cold milk over the cake evenly all over the cake with a cup of tea .
I left the cake inside the pan the sponge cake I used a mold the mold with the Hoops already.
Coco star pour and spread the cream. Remove the closet and let it sit for about an hour.
Pour over the cake and spread kokostar garage. The cake should rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
I did it the other day for iftar and I made the evening lovely, I suggest you try a delicious cake, very easy I can’t do either
Drizzle coconut or almond pistachio nuts you can cook if you want to dim on Veser trimming you can do.Welcome healing get!

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