Christmas Tree Cupcakes From Cake… #recipes

The most recent blog I wrote almost 1 year ago. In the meantime, I was a little girl. For 6 months now themselves. Being raised and still easily getting comments from you guys I think I’d know whether to continue with the courage to be frankly. I’ll start, maybe the rest will follow.

This cupcake (muffin, I don’t know) I made for my son’s class the other day. Cut the cake in the external places of the home that you know it’s a pain to distribute. Both fancy are both easy to deploy, clear thinking wandered in. This style cake has been made many times, but I couldn’t find or couldn’t find it in our blog. With Christmas approaching, maybe you’ll have an idea you say.

The number of persons on muffin
2 package cream+1.5 cups cold milk
Sold out, sold, or any chocolate or biscuits, pretzels
Food coloring
Edible candies, jelly beans, M & Ms, etc…

Firstly, we want our muffins we’re baking any cake recipe. I made them in about 30 and I used 20. Any 4-egg cake recipes you can easily make cakes in so many. Our cakes are baked to form The Shape of a tree, we put the serving tray we are.

We prepared the cream a little really good apart from the rest with color tints that Yesil we are. Fill a bag and fill our tasirmad without crimping on the cake.

Them, by anointing each other with the help of a teaspoon of whipped cream filled cakes on we’re closer. Don’t worry, they don’t fall down.

With the help of a fork gently down the cream to fully integrated scans as is to shape.

We have reserved the white bag and fill with whipped cream, we use a crimping three stars. We’re trimming our tree as we wish.

We cover the muffins with the remaining cream and the last two on the bottom.

The white part on the lower part of our tree chocolate bars are forming. We are integrating the remaining part of the tree with the tree sap Yesil cream.

Come on now, you can decorate as you wish.

If it’s for the kids the muffins, each muffin amount a spouse I suggest to put the ornament, because you can fight 🙂

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