Chocolate Pudding #recipes

Intense chocolate flavor with a chocolate attack that could save the beautiful moments you live in a milk-based dessert. Me, I practiced by making a little change to the recipe, hanimeli in White.

1 kg. milk
2 Turkish coffee cup* flour or corn starch (adds a nice texture and flavor than starch)
Turkish coffee cup granulated sugar 3
4 tablespoons cocoa
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
160 g dark chocolate

*Large cup is a cup. Prefer the smaller ones.


1. Put them in the pot of milk. Add all the ingredients except chocolate and vanilla with a whisk an egg white scramble and cook.

2. Break the chocolate and add vanilla to boil. Mix until the chocolate melts turn off. If you want, then beat with a mixer.

3. Cooling serve. With shards of nuts on it if you wish, dust with pistachio nuts, almonds or coconut and garnish with a file.

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