Chocolate Mousse #recipes

One of my favorite and most lightweight I’ve found the desserts like chocolate so it is. If you like it, I would recommend this practical recipe.


100 g dark chocolate pieces

75 g granulated sugar or caster sugar shot of robots

2 eggs

280 gr of mascarpone cheese

1. The procedure of a double boiler melt the chocolate. So, the high heat-resistant chocolate, put them in a bowl. This bowl, Creamer sauce with the water in a pot or place it on top of it. Creamer or sauce pot is near the bottom of the furnace. Boil the water until the chocolate melts. When you melt chocolate, creamer or sauce pot remove from the heat.

2. Add in the eggs and sugar in the bowl of hot chocolate. With the help of a mixer and stir for 5 minutes (hot chocolate, thanks to the raw egg bakes and won’t be).

3. Add mascarpone cheese and stir for 1-2 minutes. Add mascarpone cheese and blend some more gonna. Mix or cube you divide it into bowls to serve. In the refrigerator until it has cooled down thoroughly (for at least 3 hours) soak. Serve cold carrot grated chocolate.

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