Chocolate Chip Muffins #recipes

Every time we go to the store my daughter and we engage first mini brownies . I’m loving the brownies taste amazing. Again, a sweet fit in anywhere in the house I realized that there no brownie, and “Pie”‘s I have seen on this site I decided to make cake. The result was perfect. We swept dusted so to speak. I hope you like…

2 eggs
2 cups of coffee yogurt
2 coffee cups of vegetable oil
Coffee 4 cup granulated sugar
Coffee 6 cups flour
3 tablespoons cocoa
1 package baking powder
1 cup chocolate drops

Whisk eggs and sugar with a mixer before. Then, the yogurt,and cocoa oil is added. Finally, add the chocolate and flour mixed with baking powder and a spoon. Paper molds muffin moulds and the mould is placed in the cake batter is poured with a finger in the clearance. Cook until evaporates and the inside. Bon Appetit..(This recipe can be made at cikolatasiz)

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