Chocolate Caterpillar Cookies – ..

To make this cookie a bit laborious, but very enjoyable, especially the eating part 🙂

I had a very good day today . I want to entertain for a long time that I was a guest of my good friends . Table menu and I’ll write the details later, but first let me share my favorite cookie recipe .

The Ingredients Of The Cookies :

1 package butter or margarine ( room temperature )

1 cup of liquid oil

6 tablespoons powdered sugar

1 egg

1 package of vanilla

1 package baking powder

Caterpillar cookie cutter was removed and kneaded by by in equal measure from in the tray are stacked. ( this places you can find the Millionaire style 1 Pattern ) at 170 ° C. so that it remains White is cooked .

Chocolate Sauce :

1 tbsp butter ( heaping )

2 tablespoons cocoa

5 tablespoons milk ( this amount may be increased to increase fluency after it is cooked )

Cooked on the stove . After taking from the fire is mixed into 4 to 5 tablespoons of Nutella .

Cooked by taking one of the cookies, with the help of a knife and the other portion is applied to the flattened cookie from the tray ( again, the smoothing part ) are closed on . Also the ends dipped in chocolate sauce or coconut peanut powder over it .

Chocolate after his return, to a serving plate if you get good, otherwise the chocolate can be transmitted to your dish 🙂

Bon Appetit ..

Adding return 🙂
This way the cookies that I made for Eid. That way nice. But if you get hard 🙂

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