Chocolate Cake… #recipes

Used to make a cake a cake… not human… he can’t help it you know I read the taste of the cake Bottom. Although I wanted though, I couldn’t, but can I lick the bowl like cream too? No, then I was on a diet, now I’m out. Out, you guessed it, I ran to the kitchen to make a cake like. Dreams opposites, those who call you hear my voice, behold the cake I ate in a dream the previous night. Output exactly the dream job :))))

Sponge cake recipe my recipe my I don’t write anymore for months fixed. (See fig. any previous cake) cocoa and Just 20 cm.lik pattern I made. When it cools, I saved it 4 times.

200 ml. liquid cream
200 gr. dark couverture chocolate-you can use regular chocolate
1.5 cup milk
1 package chocolate whipped cream
Material connected to the inner desire (I put 1 handful of raspberries.)
Milk to moisten the cake
1 tablespoon cocoa powder

Pour into a pot of liquid cream. Pull at the tiny robot break the chocolate, the cream on the stove eye and pour it into the smallest snap. Most of the gold boil medium-sized pot. Allow you to keep the bottom of the stir. Melt the chocolate in a very short time. Take the pot from the stove and put into a mixing bowl of what’s inside. Wait for it to come to room temperature, then in your closet or in the freezer for half an hour, make sure you darken. Then, whisk with the mixer until foamy. Prepare the milk in the closet with whipped cream and take half of it and remove it, whisk the cream with the other half.

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