Chicken with soy sauce #recipes

We’re trying to consume very little chicken. The halal sector is no doubt, no doubt no longer really a chicken that was not ours, I’m afraid. It is obvious that not even the smell of the old tastes are not the same. It was a little more chicken at the grocery store told us, he claimed we’re trying to get from chickens growing up fast. And we are definitely eating less than he used to be. The flavoring in this is one of our fathers ;
Actually we have another we like better soy sauce chicken recipe. His instructions it takes a bit longer. Like to wait for a night. You can make your meals in the evening but this recipe right away. But I have a very easy recipe on the site..

Chicken With Soy Sauce

– 1 kilo chicken hip
– soy sauce
– cream

We are cutting the cubed chicken. We boil with enough water to hang on. (we’re making soup)
We’re getting boiled chicken into the pan. We add half a pack of cream with 2 tablespoons soy sauce into.
We’re roasting chicken blended with cream and soy sauce. We are adding the juice of two to scoop up the chicken.
We serve burning hot until the water goes down. We don’t ever put salt. 🙂

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