To this day,I have a recipe that appeal to both the eye and the palate delectable pastry.Besides the taste, the different presentations are not necessarily those important d…

To this day,I have a recipe that appeal to both the eye and the palate delectable pastry.Besides the taste, he could certainly try those also important the different presentations.Describe ‘Tarifleri From Delicious Food.I’ve used handcuffs, but the author says it is Pyrex.Handcuffed master appears alone if you do more frequent during the service.In the sections Chichewa,olive paste and I used sausage and cheddar in the middle, you can prepare you with the material you desire.


*1 cup warm milk

*1 cup warm water

*1 egg (whites for the yolks)

*Half a package of softened butter at room temperature

*1 package dry yeast

*1 tablespoon (delete) granulated sugar

*1 teaspoon salt

*Flour (dough will be soft with a slight stickiness of hand)

For the filling:

*For parts Chichewa olive paste

*Sausage and the shredded cheese for the middle section (enough)

On top:

*We reserved egg yolk

*Sesame or nigella


1)milk, water, and yeast take a mixing bowl and mix.We are starting to kneading add all the ingredients except the flour.

2)slowly add the flour and continue kneading.We obtain a soft dough that sticks to soft hands.Cover with a damp cloth over the dough rise in a warm environment,and we expect to half an hour.

3)we are a molder dough slowly rising again.Cut off about a third of the dough with the roller clamped to the base of the mold by opening it and rolling out.(26 cm.a mold of I used)

4)tear off small pieces of the remaining dough and flatten in the palm of our hand and we put it into olive paste.The edges of the dough together and roll the edge of the mold we have put in place additional.Between December because we are leaving while some of the surface, swell and they’ll stick.

5)a thin slice in the middle we put our sausages.Chichewa the parts on the egg yolks, syrup and sprinkle black seed we are.

6)we’re baking in the oven preheat at 170 degrees.Grated cheddar cheese and put it back in the oven and cook near the middle where we’re going.(the bottom part being a little hard-cooked,over fried, just the bottom of the oven in the oven for a while I kept to the ground.You controlled the Cook)

Bon Appetit:)

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