Chestnut and pear tart #recipes

This year we start with dessert, and let’s keep it that way. Pear tart with chestnuts at the meeting our meetings at our house the girls blog I made was dessert. The recipe and my invitation, as well as many of those who are in the social media request was received, there was a requirement to write a full taste of eaters when he does.

Those who follow might remember our meetings for many years and to whom we are invited if we could each of us contribute with a food menu, this year we have changed our application and became the owner of the House welcomes its guests with delicacies of his own. Me if the first application was invited in. In these circumstances, we decided the menu in advance to plan even though things go awry with the plan as I stayed back out of aksayin and weighing in the making of a night I went to sleep Friday night and it’s time Cook and 2 hours had passed. I wonder Was that a bad thing when you say, the pie was really good, the salted caramel sauce I was granted with the effect on it I think:)

As you know that can be prepared in different ways, tarts and pastries, sweet and salty can be just a cream or can be pieces of the dough and fruit, and some off the top like I did (partially or completely) as preparing. Square, round and rectangular portion, it is possible to make using molds.

My pie was my very favorite pattern that I saw on Instagram of a scale. @Account I see in Madame juju the shape that I liked, I decided to prepare a mold with tiny heart in my hand, weighing it this way. In addition to weighing a square pattern, I made a round mold you see on the screen for two and is completed immediately by the people of the house in the morning.Before proceeding with the recipe because I’ll make a separate post with the accompanying salted caramel sauce I use I want to talk about out of salt. Tart can be served alone carries that flavor, salted caramel or caramel sauce but if you wish you can serve with milk.


For the dough:

– 400 g flour
– 250 g cold butter
– 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
– 1 pinch salt
– 2-3 tablespoons cold water or milk

For mortar:

– 3 medium pears
– 200 g boiled chestnuts
– 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
– 1 teaspoon of cinnamon


The secret to a good pie dough is in, therefore we should use all the ingredients as cold. First, the flour, salt and cold butter cut into small cubes mix sugar and our famous mixture are added. Our dough is hands-free to prepare another critical point because we don’t want the oil to soften with the heat of the hand. For this reason, food processor, Rondo, hands-free dough that we could use a mixer or a knife can be used. In this way they will be as the grains of sand when mixed materials. We add a little cold water or milk irilesinc the grains of sand (usually I used to use water but I used milk for this pie) is still intact and we are continuing to stir it. We begin the dough by adding liquid at the last stage without a lot of hands and to recover our jobs, using our fingertips, we make the dough in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours and stretch wrap all of my Fi and we’re holding them, if you have time to take a rest and cool down in the freezer again for 20 to 25 minutes we provide. We can prepare this dough and keep in the refrigerator up to 1 day before.

For stuffing; chop the pears into large cubes and add cinnamon and sugar and our stove we’re getting. During cooking sugar is melted and pears are soft, but we will not allow to melt completely. After taking from the stove, pre-boil, we robbed, we add our granular and coarse crushed chestnuts and we’ll mix them all and leave to cool.

We take our dough out of the fridge, which cooled and rested dough and divide into two pieces and the first part we unladig on flat ground again, we’re opening our unladig roller. (we’ll hold the other piece in the fridge while preparing the first part of another method that we can open our unladig between wax paper as I worked in this way. With the plunger, we’re going to cook, we adjust the pattern size and shape.(I tried to open the way for using a square mold), carefully wrap the dough up to 1 cm we place the edge of the rollers and surpluses incelinc to our base pattern, we’re taking a knife or with hand. We’re opening up the other piece of dough in the same manner, and on what we want to do according to the pattern shape with the help of the moulds with a knife by cutting the strips we. After stuffing the tart in the mold on the first and second floor we cast, we put on the second coat the dough and again we receive we carefully excess. We’re baking in a preheated 180 degree oven for 35-40 minutes weighing our and we take out of the oven. After it cools, very little dusted with powdered sugar, we serve as. Bon Appetit…

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