Cherry Cookies #recipes

My friend tried mine and all the cookies that I had in the first umrah, I wanted to share it:
Margarine or butter 1 package(250g),
9 coffee cups of flour,
3 coffee cups of the powdered sugar
1 teaspoon red food coloring,
cherry stems
granulated sugar.
Oil,flour,powdered sugar and mix with a dough is obtained. It starts in the palm of a piece of dough the size of a cherry in the middle, put a whole hazelnut, covered with hazelnut dough is given a rounded shape such as Cherries. Immersed in a cherry stem on it. Wax paper spread out in the tray is cooked at 170 degrees and line up. Cooked cherries soaked in food dye and hopped up on sugar melted in hot water on a service plate are arranged.

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